BOT Members

The Lincoln Primary School Board of Trustees is made up of the following members:
Philip Hulme - Chairman 
Johnny Brown - Communication / Vice Chairman
Chris Morison - Property / Health & Safety
Karryn Strachan - Policies
Cameron Mouat - Finance
Mrs Vivienne Butcher ~ Principal Mr Joel Thomson ~ Staff Representative
The Board of Trustees would welcome all interested parties to attend our Board meetings every third Thursday each month at 7:00pm in the staffroom.   This is a fantastic way to find out about current developments at the school and innovations in teaching practice.  Each meeting is kicked off with presentations from the teachers of one of our year groups, who give an overview of student progress, examples of teaching best practice and describe plans for the future.  We have found these presentations to be of high quality and have included photographs as well as videos of our children's work.(Meeting dates are published in the newsletter and community calendar).

Philip Hulme

Chairman ~

I have lived in Lincoln for over a decade and have three children at Lincoln Primary School, in Years 2, 4 and 6.  Professionally, I am the Professor of Plant BiosecurIty at Lincoln University and have had extensive experience of governance issues at both national and international levels.  As an environmental scientist I am also keen to see strong emphasis in both science and environmental issues underpinning the culture of Lincoln Primary School.

Karryn Strachan


Hi, I’m excited to be elected onto the Lincoln Primary school BOT. I have was co-opted onto the BOT in 2018 which have provided me so far with invaluable knowledge around the roles and responsibilities of a BOT member. I have 1 son in year 2 and a daughter that will join the reception class late 2020. I’ve worked for 9 years at Oranga Tamariki and have a wealth of knowledge around care and protection for children. I’m passionate about children, their wellbeing and their education and love that Lincoln primary school embraces children’s creativity.

Johnny Brown

Vice Chairman / Communication 

Hi, my name is Johnny Brown. I have a daughter in Year 2 at Lincoln, and a son who has recently commenced his learning journey with Lincoln. Education, continuous improvement and self-development is very important to me and I am enthusiastic about supporting our Lincoln staff and teachers as they educate our children. I am privileged to serve on your Board of Trustees at Lincoln Primary School.

Cameron Mouat

My wife and I have two girls and a boy at Lincoln Primary school, and our youngest son is set to start early in 2020.
I graduated with a PHD in Mathematics at Canterbury University, before spending 15 years in the UK and Australia working in the Finance industry. Now that our family is back home, we are enjoying living in the Lincoln community.
As parents at Lincoln Primary, we are fortunate that the school is in a sound fiscal position, with a number of new modern facilities. With this strong financial position, I would like to ensure our staff continues to have a strong professional development programme, and additional resources are made available for our children’s education and well-being. I have a particular interest in giving our children opportunities to reach their potential, whether that be in traditional academic subjects, or other areas such as sports, music, or art. 

Chris Morison

Property / Health & Safety 

My name is Chris Morison, I have two daughters in years 5 and 7 who both love Lincoln Primary.  I was co-opted onto the Board last year and am proud to be elected this year.  I am a PhD qualified Biomechanical Engineer, working in Christchurch Hospital leading the Bioengineering Team.
I'm a firm believer that a good and broad education is the best gift we can give our children to help them thrive in this modern world.  I joined the Board so that I could do my bit to ensure all our children receive the best possible education and life skills.