Syndicate Five, Technology, Staff Profiles

Emma Scott

Design and Innovation, e-Textiles

Syndicate Leader, IT Manager.

I joined the Lincoln Primary Team in early 2015, my previous employment has afforded me experience teaching Art, Photography, ICT and Technology in a High School, an Intermediate and Primary Schools. Through this experience I discovered a passion for teaching the middle years and in particular Year 7 & 8 Technology and Design. Quite often referred to as a ‘jack of all trades’ I feel this gives me an edge to lead students on a path of creative discovery where they can take a small idea and turn it into an amazing product. In 2017 I also took on the role of eLearning Leader Coach and ICT/iPad deployment manager, a role was  super excited to get stuck into, with a vision to cement Lincoln Primary School as a leader in eLearning. In 2019 I am excited to be taking on the role of Syndicate Leader for the Technology Team. When I’m not at school you can find me spending time with my husband Shannan, taking care of our super spoilt furry children (2 dogs), spending time with nieces and nephew, on the hockey field, riding my motorcycle, or in the garage building my next project.

Craig Bowers

Design and Innovation

I started teaching in 1986, while I was in the South African Defence Force.  I taught in various schools after that and was a Syndicate Leader (Year 7) before moving to New Zealand in March 2007. My first teaching post was relieving at Lincoln Primary for Term 2 and then at Chertsy for Terms 3 and 4.  I did relieving for the next year and secured a position at Rangiora Primary teaching Technology (Hard Materials) in 2009.   I then came to Lincoln in 2014.  
I enjoy playing golf and fishing whenever I can afford the time.

Fiona Chapman


I am really excited to be part of the Technology Team this year teaching Textiles and Digital Technologies. I am looking forward to the opportunities and new learning this role will bring. My career has mainly seen me teaching and leading the Junior School here in Christchurch, the U.K and most recently Auckland where I lived for the last 10 years. I am passionate about student well-being and creating engaging, exciting and student led learning opportunities. Outside of school I enjoy interior design, holidaying with my family and being active. I have two daughters that attend Lincoln Primary School.

Julie Paterson

e-Textiles, Food Tech

Within Schools Teacher - Digital Technology

I trained at Otago University and have a Masters in Consumer and Applied Science. My teacher training was in Dunedin and I trained as a high school teacher. Early experience was at east Otago High  School and a few intermediates in Christchurch. I started teaching at Lincoln Primary in 2000 in a very small role to help with increase in growth. My role  began as part time and recently became full time in the last 5 years. I really enjoy teaching this age because they are so keen to learn and  it so great watching their passion and understanding develop over their time in our space. I am passionate about digital technologies running alongside student learning. Outside of school  I love spending time with my husband Adrian ( lecturer at Lincoln University) and caring for  our 3 sons Hugh ,Arthur and Edgar whom have all left school. They all went to Lincoln Primary , all have a love of cricket and are currently furthering their careers at university.  My passions are painting, walking outdoors, trying out new recipes (and buying recipe books!!!) and the movies.

Emma Cordes


This year, I am teaching part time within the Technology syndicate and have the responsibility of Authentic Learning Leader within our team.  I will be teaching STEAM alongside Mr Roozen - a new collaboration integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. I am excited to be part of this future-focussed group and look forward to seeing the creativity and problem solving growth mindset students will bring.  Originally from Mid-Canterbury, I have called the Selwyn district home for more than ten years. I have previously taught in rural and semi-rural Canterbury schools and in the UK over the last 20 years and have experience teaching children from Year 0 - Year 13. When I’m not at school, I’m usually with my husband and two children going on adventures together or busy at home making stuff.

Dave Nicol

Having been born in London, I came to NZ as a scientist working at Lincoln University. My wife (Marie Keely) and I had travelled round the world and loved the outdoor life here.  Following my PhD in Science I gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and started my teaching career over 17 years ago. Why teaching ? I love the moment when the students feel that little sense of achievement. You can see a little smile, sometimes huge, sometimes slightly hidden when they know they got it, achieving a personal goal, growing in confidence or feeling a sense of pride. Outside of school I can be seen chasing the glory days of old on the soccer pitch, surfing the waves in or out of my kayak, trying to keep up with my teenage children, thinking about travelling somewhere exotic or reading scientific articles about the universe.

Shalom Weston

Food Technology

I became a part of the Lincoln Primary School team at the beginning of 2016 as a Food Technology teacher, after being in a number of different Christchurch schools.  I was originally trained in Queensland, Australia, where I taught for a couple of years before going to China to teach English. I love teaching practical skills that can be easily used at home and that will continue for the rest of my students’ lives.  When I’m not at school, I love to spend quality time with my husband and daughter.

Louise Cotching

Design and Innovation, Technology Relief

Kath Cairns

Technology Relief