SOLO Taxonomy

SOLO taxonomy (Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes) is being used by students at Lincoln Primary School to understand and describe their levels of thinking. The children are being introduced to a variety of different SOLO maps that develop their thinking skills and extend them beyond their current experiences. SOLO enables our students to take ownership of their learning and to be able to reflect on how they can move their level of understanding to the next stage. SOLO also allows our students to develop a common language of learning that they will be able to use beyond Lincoln Primary School as lifelong learners.

SOLO is divided into a number of levels of learning:
  • Prestructural where a child needs support in expressing an idea on the topic. 
  • Unistructural where a child can express one relevant idea.
  • Multistructural where the child can express a number of relevant ideas e.g. defines, describes.
  • Relational where a child makes connections and links between these ideas e.g. compares & contrasts, analyses.
  • Extended Abstract where a child thinks beyond the subject or takes the learning into a new context e.g. generalises, hypothesises