Student Leadership

Please find application information regarding 2017 Student Leadership opportunities in the Resources Module on the right hand side of this page.
At Lincoln Primary School we encourage students to become actively involved as leaders. Each year we offer 11 different leadership roles that the students can apply or be nominated for. These are:
  • House Leader (Yr 8 - a boy & girl for each of the 4x houses, these students are also Physical Activity Leaders – PAL and Student Council Reps for the junior classes).  House leaders are selected at the end of the school year.
  • Bell & Flag Monitor (Yr 7 & 8)*
  • Liaison Office Assistant (Yr 7 & 8)*
  • Milk Monitor (Yr 5 & 6) plus a Coordinator*
  • Peer Mediator (Yr 5-8) plus two Coordinators*
  • Reporter (Yr 5-8)*
  • Student Council Representative (Yr 5-8)*
  • Student Technician (Yr 5 - 8)*
  • Enviro Group (Yr 5-8)
  • Librarian (Yr 5-8)
  • Road Patrol (Yr 6 & 7) plus 2 Coordinators
For most of these positions the students are given a job description and have to apply in writing*. This usually happens in the first month of Term 1.  Once selected, students are trained in their various roles, trialed and then issued with their badge or badges. The badges are very classy and the students wear them with pride.  Every year we have over 100 students holding positions of leadership and they all appreciate the honour it is to have been selected.  We encourage all students to aim for personal excellence and what better way to do this than by being a role model as a school leader.