Migrant Support

We have been fortunate to receive funding from the Ministry of Education in 2019 for a bilingual migrant support worker. The Bilingual Migrant Support Workers role is to work with a group of migrant students with the same first language to provide additional bilingual support. In addition, they may also provide liaison work between the school and the students’ families and communities where appropriate.   

Jean Peh was appointed as our bilingual migrant support worker in Term 1. Jean is a highly skilled and experienced teacher. Up until moving to New Zealand at the beginning of this year, Jean has taught in both primary and secondary schools in Singapore. She is a fluent Mandarin speaker and is working with identified new migrants to New Zealand and other ESOL students. Jean is also working with a group of students who will be performing a Chinese dance at the Christchurch Cultural Festival in Term 3. 

As part of this initiative Jean has created a pamphlet about our school in Mandarin that you can download. She is also available by email if you have any questions about Lincoln Primary School, her email address is migrant.support@lincolnprimary.ac.nz.