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We can’t believe we are up to issue #7 with our new digi mag. More and more parents are opening this version every issue - it’s incredibly exciting to see. Thank you all for your positive feedback, it’s important for us to know Kiwi schools and parents are enjoying the format we have chosen. We love it too. A lot of schools prefer to hand out the actual magazines, as parents find the online world very busy these days, and are keen to role-model book reading skills to their children. If all or some of your parents would love to receive a copy, please get in touch.

We’ve also included an image of the front cover of the latest issue and a short blurb about the articles inside, as an option for you to include in your newsletter or email to parents along with the link to the digital issue.

What’s in the latest issue of Tots to Teens Magazine

In this issue, we have 25 simple and fun things to do with your young (and older!) children that you should definitely put on your family bucket list. We look at the magic of Fairy Tales in helping with children’s reading. Also, how quiet time is good for all kids, as it’s a lifetime skill we can help our kids to learn. We ask the question “What *else* are computers good for?” (as we’re all well and truly over our kids’ desire for gaming) and we look at how to start an early savings plan for university. Our Food Editor has three very delicious recipes using healthy seeds that are great for nutritious school lunches, and we have an eco-themed family fun page for all to enjoy. This issue you have the chance to win a $6,500 family holiday to the Gold Coast: Read all about this easy and close destination in our travel story

We now have a fantastic new smartphone- and computer-friendly digital version of Tots to Teens for parents to view!


And a bit of history…

In case you don’t know us, Tots to Teens magazine is a free community parenting resource for Kiwi families. We focus on positive, well-researched parenting advice to support children’s reading, learning, behaviour, nutrition, health, well-being, and resilience. We have distributed 550,000 free magazines nationwide each year to families through schools, preschools, libraries, and Plunket for over 17 years.