Emergency Communication Plan

Communications Plan - parents, caregivers and others.

In any emergency event you will need to contact parents and caregivers to advise them of the situation and advise where and how they can collect their child(ren).Consider who you will need to contact in an emergency affecting your school or community and plan for how you will contact them and what information they will need.


Our proactive communications will include:
  • Information included in the School orientation pack
  • Information sent out via newsletter to all parents and caregivers
  • Links on the school website regarding  ‘Emergency Management Information 
  • A reminder to parents/caregivers to update their emergency contact information (who is approved to uplift their child) requested once a year.
  • Summary of practice drills undertaken to be included in the newsletter


Our emergency response communications plan for parents, caregivers and others includes:
  • In the event of an emergency whanau/caregivers will be advised via text alerts, school facebook page and SMS notifications.
  • Teachers will record when pupils are picked up by whanau/caregivers.
  • Students will be signed out on collection.
  • Cell phones are collected at the beginning of the school day. In the event of an emergency teachers will manage student cell phones. If an emergency occurs at the end of the school day Teachers will manage any communications with whanau/caregivers.