Lincoln is proud to be a KiVa School.  KiVa stand for against bullying or anti bullying.  The programme was developed in Finland to reduce school bullying.  Research into the programme has shown positive results in not only reducing school bullying but also increasing well being.  The KiVa programme is made up of three parts; prevention, intervention and monitoring.

KiVa is visible at Lincoln Primary School in a number of ways.  All students will take part in regular KiVa lessons with their pastoral care teachers.  These lessons include the importance of respect in human relationships and about understanding what bullying behavior is and developing proactive strategies.  All staff have received a full day of professional development about the programme and how to implement it.  You will see posters around the school and teachers on duty wearing KiVa vests.

We have two KiVa teams made up of teachers across the school who follow a set programme when addressing issues related to bullying which students identify and report.  Teachers that are part of this KiVa team participated in a second day of training about how to specifically manage KiVa referrals.

Bulllying is repetitive, targeted, power imbalance behaviour.  If you suspect your child is being bullied or is demonstrating bully like behaviour please let your child's teacher know so it can be dealt with as efficiently and quickly as possible.