Well Being/Hauora Referral

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

I am writing to you to introduce myself, as I am delighted to be joining the Lincoln Primary team, as The Head of Hauora (Wellbeing).  This is a new position that the BOT are piloting for 2 terms, and it is exciting to finally see it come to fruition. 

This role has arisen from an ‘identified need’ that more support is required to address the holistic well-being of our students, teachers, parents and community.

The word Hauora originates from the Maori philosophy of health, which is unique to New Zealand.    It encompasses Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Well being. Our aim is to increase supports to our young people, families and community by creating a position that focuses on innovative, educational and therapeutic interventions to reduce obstacles for our children, so they can continue to thrive.  

A little about me…
My name is Sonya Cardus and I am looking forward to the opportunity to combine my passion for teaching, special education, child psychotherapy, group dynamics and leadership. 

A little about my background…
I have worked in 7 cultures within mainstream and special education in a diverse range of roles including:  Teacher, Department Head, Dean, Residential Social Worker, Child Movement Psychotherapist, School Counsellor, Special Education Advisor, Mediator, Trainer, Manager and Consultant. 

So, what will this position look like?  This is a developmental position that is driven by ‘need’ and will evolve and take shape overtime.  An integral part of this is hearing your ideas, so this position can grow into what it needs to be, to best support you and your delightful cherubs!   

At this stage we anticipate developing services around…
  • Referral - streamlining a process through our Pastoral Care team - Identifying areas of concern, need or complexity.    Cases will be prioritised at this stage.
  • Assessment – a brief ecological overview of the child’s world.  This may include some ‘one to one’ sessions with the child, sessions with parents, teachers, agencies, (if involved and parental consent given) class and playground observations etc.  The prime focus here is to identify drivers/needs/function of behaviour and areas of resilience.
  • Intervention – this will involve a ‘collaborative team approach’ with me working alongside teachers, whanau, pastoral care team and management to implement a ‘wraparound plan’ involving a specific prioritised set of recommendations.    Our philosophy is…whatever it takes!
  • Monitoring – ‘touching base’ with the child, whanau, teachers and pastoral care team.   Are we doing what we planned to do?
  • Review - collaborative review on a regular basis as a team (school and home).  Prime focus here….is the agreed plan working, or does it need tweaking/modifying?   
My aim in this role is to collaboratively work within the great systems and team that are already in place, further develop effective relationships with parents/caregivers, and to strengthen the path of success for all our students...no matter how challenging the obstacles.   

I really look forward to meeting you all individually.  

If you have any concerns about your child’s well-being, then please complete the Hauora referral and consent from below. 

Nga mihi nui,

Sonya Cardus