Mana Ake

What is Mana Ake?
Mana Ake - Stronger for Tomorrow - provides wellbeing and mental health support for our students and their whanau. Mana Ake kaimahi (workers) work alongside our school with you and your children to promote wellbeing and provide support when a wellbeing or mental health concern is identified.
Mana Ake aims to intervene early to ensure the right support gets to the right child at the right time.

Our Kaimahi:
Within our Community of Learning (Ngā Matapuna o Ngā Pakihi Kahui Ako) we have three Kaimahi. They will work across our schools to deliver programmes and support that meet our needs. We have a designated liaison kaimahi who will work closely with our SENCo. All requests for support can go through your child’s teachers. These requests will then be forwarded to the SENCo and our liaison kamahi.

Mana Ake Kaimahi can:
  • Work with children and their whānau at home and/or at school
  • Deliver programmes that support resilience, self esteem, emotional regulation, and coping with change.
  • Support teachers to implement programmes that promote wellbeing
  • Connect schools and whānau to community resources that enhance wellbeing

If you would like to make a referal to Mana Ake please email the SENCO Lara Taylor -