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I am very pleased to be able to share information which we received last evening regarding the next phase of building on the main site. 

Monday 4 December
The Boundary /block, currently used by Lincoln High School will be decommissioned. All services will be disconnected in preparation for removal of this block on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. The Keith Hay Home which has been housing our library will also be removed from our site. These buildings need to be removed to make way for our new modular block. Remediation of this site will take place on Thursday and Friday, 7th and 8th December.

The following week the site will have piles removed the site prepared for the new piles to be put in place during the week of 18th December. This site will then be cleared to make way for the modular building crew to move in. It is expected that the 18 modules will be delivered to this site after the new year. This will allow the commissioning of the buildings to take place during Term 1 with an expected occupation date of the beginning of Term 2.  At this point the Year 2 students from the Junior Campus will move to the main site.

We are very pleased with the configuration of this building.  The internal doors will allow us to have two collaborative teams working, consisting of two teachers in two of the spaces and three teachers in the other larger space. 
Proposed footprint for 6-space modular and 200-block buildings

Finally the plans for our 200 block have been submitted to Selwyn District Council for building consent.  I am now confident that these plans will actually become a reality for our school.  The tender process is running behind schedule.  It was hoped that our Board of Trustees could participate in the tender selections in the week of December 11, however this process will now take place the week of 8 January.  Work on site is still projected to commence mid January.  Completion for this project is late October, however as this is the very early stage of planning, and building projects are notorious for running behind schedules, it could quite possibly be the end of Term 4 when we move in to the building with classes commencing there at the beginning of 2019.  We are very fortunate to have the Junior Campus for our Syndicate One students.  It will be great to have everyone back on one site, however having this facility available to us enables programmes to be delivered without disruption.

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